Upholstery Cleaning Ellenbrook

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Leather is a delicate fabric. It should be handled carefully. Leather cleaning seems to be an easy job. But, it is not. Spills and stains can spoil the quality of your leather couches. Therefore, whenever you need the best cleaning services in Ellenbrook, call us. We also do the conditioning after cleaning. So, the oil in the leather does not dry out. Likewise, we even have convenient and easy booking slots.  You will never regret hiring us. Our services are precise and accurate.

Affordable Lounge Cleaning Services

Affordable Lounge Cleaning Services

The leather lounge can be effectively cleaned with the aid of professionals. They visit your place to identify the type of leather fabric along with the condition of your sofa. Then, they decide the method of executing the cleaning procedure. Our methods are safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about the smells and chemicals. As we do not use any toxic material in our method. We provide superior cleaning without compromising on quality. Lastly, our lounge cleaning services are affordable.

Upholstery Mould Treatment 

Moulds are the reproduction of moist environments. They survive in damp areas. If you leave your sofa wet after cleaning the spot, it can be an ideal condition for the mould to grow. You can try it by doing it yourself but the results may not be as expected. Therefore, hiring professionals is the best bet. Our cleaners possess advanced tools and technology. They effectively remove moulds and mildew from your couches, they do not cause any harm to your sofa.

Upholstery Mould Treatment

Stain removal and upholstery cleaning 

Stain can be tough and rigid. They destroy the fabric if left untreated. There can be various spill accidents in the house. Reasons can be many but getting them cleaned by professionals is a must. Scheduled upholstery cleaning increases the life of it. It improves air quality and saves you from various diseases. All you need to do is, call us or book our services online. Our services are commendable and save you a lot of time. Furthermore, we even do the conditioning of the sofas after cleaning.


How do you clean a fabric sofa?

Vacuum your sofa so that you don’t rub the dust and dirt. Blot the stains gently with a microfiber cloth.

How do you neutralize a house smell?

Bowls of white vinegar can neutralize the smell. Used coffee grounds can also work in this case.

Can I leave baking soda on the couch overnight?

Yes, you can leave baking soda overnight on the couch for filthy odours. This process will absorb, neutralize the smell and dry the wet surface too.